Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with all packages at Levee Street Warehouse?

• 12 Continuous Hours
• 30 Tables
• 250 Chairs
• Dance Floor
• Stage
• 4 pub tables
• 21’ Buffet Table
• Prep Kitchen
• Lounge Seating Area
• Bar area with use of 2 head Kegerator

What extra amenities are included with the Full Access Package?

• Groom’s Room
• Bridal Suite

When do I have access to Levee Street Warehouse? How much time is allowed for set-up and clean-up?

Clients have access to the Levee Street Warehouse for twelve continuous hours. This allows for 5 hours set-up, 5 hours for the ceremony and reception and 2 hour for clean-up and removal of your personal items. If you would like to add more time to your event, we charge $150 per hour.

When do I have access to The Carriage House?

Clients have access to The Carriage House for eight continuous hours. Please allow time for set-up and clean-up. If more time is needed, we charge $150 per hour.

Can I come in the day before my event?

If we have the date available, you are more than welcome to book time the day before your event. We offer a discounted rate of $400 for a minimum of 2 hours. Every additional hour is $150.

Are candles allowed inside the venue?

We allow tea candles, floating candles, and small flame candles. All candles must be inside a vase.

May we bring in an outside caterer?

Of course! We do have a catering deposit of $500 that is due the week of your event. The catering deposit is refunded to you after the event if the kitchen is cleaned and all food is disposed of in the dumpster outside. No food can be left inside the venue.

Are we required to have an insurance policy?

Yes, we require you to have a special event policy. If you are having alcohol at your event, you will need to add host liquor coverage. All alcohol must be served from behind a bar by an adult over the age of 21. When the bartender leaves, all alcohol must stop being served.

Are we required to have security guards at our event? Do we have to use a certain company?

Yes. Security guards are required and supplied through Levee Street Warehouse for an additional cost. Below is the price breakdown based on the number of people you will have at your event.  

**Please See Contract for Full List of Policies and Procedures** Levee Street Warehouse, LLC requires security guards for all events and the number of guards required is based on your estimated attendance. Security is only needed during the event, meaning, only when guests are on location. We require that security be in place 1 hour prior to the event and 1 hour after the event. Our security guards help direct guest and parking.

• 0 – 150 Guests = 1 Security Guard Needed
• 151 – 250 Guests = 2 Security Guards Needed 
• 251 – 300 Guests = 3 Security Guards Needed

Levee Street Warehouse, LLC provides security for the following costs:
• $50/hour – First security guard
• $40/hour – Each additional security guard after the first one

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